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Earlier this month, we wrote a blog for one of our shopping centre clients, all about giving back and saying thank you to those within the local community after all those months of lockdown.

 We really liked the sentiment behind the campaign name, #SelflessSeptember, and thought it might be fun to re-write the article mentioning those within the St. Albans Community…our way of saying thank you to our local peers for the incredible services and experiences they offer!

So without further ado, we give you… #ThankYouStAlbans

We’ve decided that Autumn is the season to say Thank You, which is why we’ve made it our mission to put a smile on the faces of the people of St.Albans.

It would be an understatement to say that living through a pandemic has been a bit tough on us all, in one way or another.  Amongst the doom and gloom, however, it’s been heart-warming to see people pull together and support each other.

Is there someone you’d like to say a special thank you to for lending you a helping hand over the past few months?  Perhaps you have a neighbour who ran your errands for you whilst you were self-isolating, or you have a friend who helped you keep your sanity by listening to your weekly updates on how you survived juggling home-schooling and work?  Or maybe, there’s a school teacher who’s been amazing at helping ease your little ones back into school in recent weeks?

Whoever it is, why not surprise them with an unexpected treat to say THANK YOU?

Looking for ways to give back?  Look no further; we’ve put together this handy little list to help inspire you…

1. Set a Dinner Date

For a real treat, why not tell a loved one to meet you round the corner from your favourite dinner spot in St.Albans! Surprise them by having a table booked where you can spend the evening enjoying a delicious meal whilst you have a serious catch up! Or, how about taking a cookery lesson with Danielle at The Cobbled Kitchen and whipping up a surprise dinner, using your new skills at home!

2. Treat your bestie to an afternoon of pampering

Perhaps you have a mummy friend who needs a little ‘pick-me-up’ now that the kids have returned to school? Why not book in a Nail Appointment for you both at Eve & Adam Spa so that your hands get a little TLC whilst you have a much-needed gossip! You could even get in touch with Nicky Packman, who could advise on gorgeous Aloe Vera products to use at home afterwards for a spa sesh later on!

3. Offer to do the shopping

Sometimes, it’s the small gestures that really mean something. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who would really appreciate you picking up some shopping, or there’s a working parent in your street who’s glued to their laptop at home and would LOVE it if you picked up a new pair of wellies for their kid at Jo Jo’s at Christopher Place?

4. Get Creative

A great way to get the kids involved in saying ‘Thank You’ whilst keeping them out of mischief is to get creative!! How about popping into town and picking up some arts and crafts supplies to make Thank You cards to send to a relative in the post?  Think glitter, stickers and colourful cardboard – a guaranteed way to put a smile on the face of any grandparent!

5. Say it with Chocolate

What’s better than a delicious slice of chocolate?….We say it’s unexpected chocolate, bought for you, just because! If there’s someone you think deserves a little sweet treat, why not surprise them with a box of gorgeous handcrafted Brazilian chocolates from Emmy’s Brigadeiro and get a box delivered to their doorstep to brighten their day?

It’s Good To Talk…

 It’s Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th October and we want to do our bit to help improve the emotional wellbeing of those living in St. Albans.

Never underestimate the importance of taking time to ‘connect’ with friends and loved ones in order to enrich your every day life.  Whilst social distancing rules will be around for the foreseeable future, it’s important to still spend time (safely!) socialising.

Why not arrange a coffee date at Rothamsted Restaurant with a friend you haven’t seen for a while and put the world to rights with a good old natter?  Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who could do with some company; why not surprise them by bringing home a sweet treat from the Rothamsted Cafe’s amazing range of cakes?

However you choose to connect, make sure you pop a regular slot in your diary for a catch up with those who you treasure most.  Laughing and reminiscing is a sure fire way to boost those feel-good serotonin chemicals in the brain, keeping you healthy and happy as those colder months set in!

So there you have it,  a little blog which will hopefully inspire all of us within the local business community to use each other’s amazing services, this month in order to help raise the spirits of our nearest and dearest.  Who will you be saying thank you to this month? 

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