Spring clean your music – time to change those music playlists!

By 31st March 2016Blog, In-Store
Spring clean your music – time to change those playlists!

Now that Easter is behind us and British summer time has officially begun, it’s the perfect time to prepare new music playlists for the glorious months ahead. Here, we look at the top 5 benefits of introducing a shiny new playlist to your mall in time for the summer.

1. Lighten the mood

There’s a whole lot of psychology that goes into making people happy, and as happy people stay out longer, spend more, and associate their happiness with positive experiences, it will definitely benefit you to have as many smiles as possible travelling through your mall. With shopping and listening to music both scoring highly in a recent Telegraph article (The 33 things that will make you happy), placing the right soundtrack in your shopping centre is a key ingredient to a white-hot formula.

2. Influence customer behaviour

Music has been proven to affect the amount of time customers browse for, as well as the mood they’re in while they’re doing it. Rarely will shoppers take in the external influences around them, but we are a knowledge-led company who have led academic research projects in the customer journey, so we have countless ideas on how to influence behaviour within a shopping centre.

3. Dictate the pace

Whether you want your customers to saunter through your shops, increasing dwell time and spend, or get them heading for the door because you’re nearing closing time, your playlist can help achieve these aims whilst creating a pleasant mood for your customers. It’s all about the tempo, baby!

4. Be memorable

Much fuss can be made over visual displays and lighting, but when you consider that 50% of purchases in supermarkets are impulse buys (OgilveyAction study), and that 90% of all customers buy something that they didn’t intend to (The Integer Group study), it becomes clear that in-store music is a significant factor in the shoppers’ customer experience.

5. Be OnBrand

Throwing on an uplifting soundtrack is one thing, but playing music that fits the persona of your brand is something else entirely. Over the years we’ve created a number of playlists that suit shopping centres over a varied list of seasons and events, but we can also use our know-how and experience to create a bespoke playlist that connects you further with your customers – just like we did for Westfield and Fortnum & Mason.

Whether you’re a new customer looking for information on in-store music or an existing customer looking to maximise the potential of your playlist options, feel free to contact us today!

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