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Shop ‘Til You Drop! 5 reasons to visit your local shopping centre and detox from digital for an afternoon.

Digital is here to stay, but the High Street has a special place in the heart of Britain’s shoppers. According to the Office for National Statistics, online shopping accounts for just over 18% of all retail sales which means that over 80% of you are hitting the shops.

We took a look at 5 reasons to take a digital detox and visit the shops:

1. Exercise

We’re always being told we need more and the easiest way to stay fit and healthy is to fit exercise into our daily lives. So what better way to hit that step target than to plan a trip to the shops?

The average shopping trip burns around 200 calories, so it’s a great added extra to an active lifestyle. Statistics say that women, who are still the most avid shoppers, walk, on average, around 70 miles per week while shopping.

Shoe shopping2. Feel-good factor

Our sense of touch is the one we are most likely to take for granted but it’s actually the most important of all our senses. Touch provides us with a huge amount of information on a daily basis and touching certain textures can even calm us down or change our mood.

Nothing replaces the ability to feel the things you like the look of – whether it’s soft clothing, shiny shoes or comfortable bedding, get out there and get a feel for what you’re buying.

3. Try before you buy

These days, research on different products is easy with internet reviews immediately at hand. But what about getting some experience of your purchase before you commit?

Shops are continually looking at the ‘customer experience’ these days, with much more focus on creating a fun environment in which to shop. With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this is one to watch for high street shoppers as stores have ever more innovative ideas to entertain us while we spend. The added bonus in being able to try things out before you commit? No need to trek to the post office for returns; you can simply choose something else or walk away.

4. Blitz it – all in one place

With our hectic schedules and juggling of home, work, family and socialising, it’s no wonder we sometimes crave some peace and quiet. Browsing the shops can be a great way to close your mind from its daily stresses and focus on yourself for a while.

Plus, by visiting the shopping centre, you can achieve the “whole outfit in one trip” smugness. Oh, and there’s an opportunity to treat yourself to coffee or even a manicure as part of your trip. Go on, you deserve it.

shopping centre lights5. Be inspired

One thing the internet can’t compete with is the impact of looking around a brightly lit and colourful shopping centre. Window displays continue to amaze us as well as providing inspiration for that special outfit or kitchen colour scheme. Who knows, you might even come home with something you didn’t know you needed!

So, head out and soak up the atmosphere, gasp at the glitz and glamour and immerse yourself in a truly great British pastime.

The Great British high street is not dead. In fact, it’s undergoing something of an evolution with new technology influencing how we shop. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to give yourself a bit of a digital detox and experience shopping, the traditional way.

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