Sceptre Awards

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sceptre awards

At OnBrand, we love what we do, who we do it for and we love a challenge. We also like to invest in the Industries we work in and try to give back where we can.

So, when a few years ago the then owner of Shopping Centre magazine asked us to get involved in helping with the annual Sceptre Awards, we jumped at the chance. And for those of you who don’t know, they reward and celebrate excellence in the shopping industry. They also reward environmental achievements, customer service, security teams, and the good folk who run shopping centres.

As has been the tradition, this event has run annually at the Dorchester Hotel, on Park Lane and has always been one of those nights you simply dress up for, add some sparkles and catch up with old friends.

But before we got our glad rags on, there was some heavy lifting involved first. For the last few years (and I hope testament to our success) we have been the ones behind the scenes, providing the event production for the dinner. From stage and set, lighting to AV and the smooth running of the whole presentation, to the de-rig that night at 2am, we’re there pretty much for 24 hours.

Of course, the execution only works when the preparation is done before hand. This involves site meetings, liaison with the hotel, the awards dinner hosts themselves (we call them the client), and the various skills needed to craft, design, build and staff an event such as this. This also involves, editing and matching the walk up music to the winners or the category, setting the mood during the evening and creating that all important moment of truth and celebration when the runners up and winners get announced.

Anyhow, we’re rather proud of what we do, and for most attending we’re a little behind the scenes and tucked away as of course we should be. However for those who want to have a look, we thought we’d share a quick time lapse of how it all comes together.

And last but not least, the statutory CTA (call to action – in marketing speak!), – if you’ve got a problem, no one else can solve, and if you can find them…..maybe you can hire…. the A Team (am I that old?) …. the OnBrand Team!

Scrubbed up and hosting guests, that evening

onbrand at the sceptre awards

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