Ready for an award-winning season?

By 5th July 2021Blog

It’s Awards season! Move over BRITs, we’re talking about award entries for business.

If you’ve ever toyed with entering awards, but haven’t quite got yourself motivated, here’s a reminder of why it’s important:

  • It raises your brand profile for both potential clients and future employees
  • It’s a great way of showcasing your credentials and experience
  • It creates a positive talking point and shows your credibility within the sector

So when you’re ready to get going, check out our tips to get your award-winning work noticed by all the right people.

Be prepared ahead of the deadline:

  • At least 2 weeks before, go through the entry process and understand what needs to be pulled together. Check if it’s online and in what formats you need to provide your entry
  • Assume it will take longer. Read, and re-read the entry form – give yourself time to amend

Present your entry form professionally

  • Some awards require unbranded entries, but even so, entry evidence should still be presented professionally with the overall goal to wow the judges
  • Consider working with a designer or copywriter to help make your story stand out

Showcase your golden nuggets

  • Big numbers will shine out – find them and put them upfront so judges want to find out more
  • Keep it simple – if your story is too complex, judges will get bored, so simplify your story

Tell an engaging story

  • Judges want to hear a little bit of background, understand the challenge, hear how you resolved it and see amazing results
  • Where possible, bring to life results with client or customer testimonials

Keep on entering

  • If you don’t get shortlisted or nominated the first time, don’t be disheartened
  • Like applying for jobs, you’ll get better at telling your story. The more you enter, the more the chance of winning!

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