Proud Members of the Alliance of Independent Agencies

By 1st September 2020Blog
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Being a local independent Marketing Agency is something we’re particularly proud of. We have a team of passionate hard-working experts who are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients, no matter how big or small the business or challenge.

We’ve certainly seen changes within the industry over the 11 years we’ve been in business and, of course, there’s been some fairly significant ones in recent months! This is one of the reasons we particularly felt it valuable to be part of MAAG (Marketing Agencies Action Group), an industry body for small marketing agencies.

What’s really exciting is that, today, MAAG have announced its evolution into the Alliance of Independent Agencies, as part of an extensive restructure. The Alliance will lead the agenda of independent agencies and promote the sector’s interests as it faces the negative impact of COVID-19; helping independent agencies to safeguard jobs and boost agency growth.

As income, jobs, ways of working, and client-agency relationships are reimagined as a result of COVID-19’s impact, it is integral the independent agency sector has a clear and action-focused voice. Until now, the sector has not had a united voice to promote its collective interests and pro-actively lobby policymakers in client-related industry bodies and the Government; the Alliance of Independent Agencies stands to change this.

As MAAG evolves to Alliance of Independent Agencies, it has appointed Matt Sullivan Managing Director. Formerly US Vice President at The Drum & Head of the Drum Network, and prior to that, Managing Director of the DMA’s International ECHO Awards, Sullivan has extensive experience championing agencies:

“Across my work with agencies of all sizes and disciplines over the last 10 years, the biggest shift has been the desire to collaborate more – especially within the independent community. This will be the key factor behind the success of the Alliance of Independent Agencies. The Alliance is bringing an amazing mix of agencies together, plus support and access to other networks; a level of collaboration that is unusual with the backdrop of competitive membership fees. It feels like the last piece of the puzzle is to unite everybody that works for or alongside independent agencies to create something bigger and more impactful. With all the talent, great work, and increased confidence, I think we can be very ambitious with what we can achieve together. Exciting times.”

Daniel Graham, our Director at OnBrand comments:

“This really is an exciting time for independent agencies. Whilst we may be a small team at OnBrand, we have big ambition and top talent. Being part of an industry body that truly believes in the power of collaboration is incredibly important to us and we look forward to seeing what opportunities arise from being part of the new Alliance of Independent Agencies.”

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