Planning to re-open? Why INSTORE Customer Messaging is KEY…

By 11th May 2020Blog, In-Store

With the government messaging having changed from ‘stay home’ to ‘stay alert,’ many retailers are preparing for what the Prime Minister has communicated as ‘Step 2’ of easing the lockdown, when shops selling non-essential items may be allowed to open again.

Of course, as a nation, we’re all thinking about further adjustments we’ll be needing to make when we’re able to start going out and about again. One of the biggest jobs for retailers, however, is helping to ensure customers feel confident and safe whilst shopping, in order to encourage spend once again.

There are, of course, many ways to communicate the measures you’re taking to ensure a safe shopping environment, however, one of the channels many retailers are turning to is instore radio.

As an agency, we’ve been working with shopping centres and retailers alike to put together bespoke instore radio messages. It’s a great way to reach customers en masse at a low cost. Whether it’s music to create a positive atmosphere, or professional voiceover recordings reminding customers about social distancing, our team can help work up a solution to drive instore confidence and ultimately, sales!

Don’t just take our word for it though – download our audio solutions pack and check out the stats from happy clients, which truly speak for themselves!

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