Mobile websites are key to success

By 29th March 2016Blog, Digital
Mobile websites are key to success

OnBrand Marketing answer the question of why mobile websites are necessary and why your site should be mobile ready.

The first step should be a nice up-to-date desktop website with a suitable modern graphic design, logical navigation and quick loading times. Obviously your website will have integral social sharing buttons to publish your content on the popular social media channels too.

So now that’s settled, what happens if your site doesn’t work correctly on a mobile device? All that lovely design and up-to-date content will be lost on the customer that is looking for you on the web. For instance; How many times have you searched for opening hours for a store on a Sunday or Bank Holiday to find that a website doesn’t load properly on your phone, or that you can’t zoom in and click links to that all important opening hours page (which sometimes crashes and displays a map to a store in the next large town.) This is an all too-common occurrence to which the consumer may get quickly fed up and find somewhere else that has a site that offers store information in a plain and simple way.

Now that mobile traffic is at such a high-level (around 45% of users in the UK now use mobile to access the internet), having a mobile website that works on a smartphone, whilst it’s in the hands of your shoppers is vitally important. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is key to running a successful business so delivering the right information where your consumers are now demanding it will mean increased opportunities for your business by staying competitive in the modern technological marketplace.

The mobile age is still reasonably new and while 96% of marketers are planning to incorporate mobile into their marketing mix an awful lot of business have not yet adapted to the change. Creating a mobile website for your business now means you will be putting yourself ahead of any competition that has failed to provide suitable mobile optimised sites.

A quick word about websites vs apps – Simply put, mobile websites work across all platforms, while apps are device-specific, requiring a business to develop an app for each particular platform (e.g. Apple & Android) Since a mobile website is essentially a different front end for a website, the development is considerably less than building an app.

If there was any doubt about the need for a mobile ready website to appeal to the modern smartphone user there are 3 very simple reasons why you should be taking advantage of a mobile website

Many businesses are still catching up and you will want to provide a modern site before your competitors do. Having a mobile friendly site means that you will stay at the top of the game and provide your customers with the service that they want.

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