Meet Voiceover Artist Paul Coyte

By 3rd February 2017Blog, In-Store
Voiceover Artist Paul Coyte

As an opportunist with an innate love for radio, Paul Coyte has rubbed shoulders with some of the most recognisable faces in showbiz. The Sony Award winner is filled with stories, such as the time Meatloaf run amok in his studio, but underneath a wealth of success, he’s a big family man with an insatiable passion for football.

We took 5-minutes to get to know one of our VO Artists a little better, and this was the result:

ONBRAND: Where are you from?

PAUL: Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

How did you become a Voiceover Artist?

When I was young, I’d listen to Capital Radio, make tapes, make my own ads and then mix it all together, so since I was 13 I kind of wanted to be a DJ, and since the age of 21 I have been. The radio work quite naturally led to other voiceover opportunities.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

The fact it doesn’t really feel like work. In other words, my work is my hobby.

What are your greatest passions outside of work?

My wife, my two kids, my dog – and Spurs!

Many fans know you as the voice of Spurs, don’ they? How did that come about?

By a very happy coincidence! I’ve been a Spurs fan since I was a boy, and one day when I asked my friend, David Jensen, if he knew anyone I might be able to get some hospitality tickets from at the Lane, he did. And I was asked if I’d be up for hosting in one of the lounges. That was 12-years ago now, and I’ve continued hosting, which includes interviewing ex-players, speaking to the fans at half-time, presenting Man of the Match awards – that type of stuff.

What do you most enjoy about the clients you represent?

I really do love people, especially those who are creative and fun. Having worked for clients such as Capital Gold, Virgin, BBC London, Jazz FM and Spurs, I’ve certainly had plenty of that.

How does it feel when a brand chooses you to be their voice?

Very proud. And it vindicates my decision not to go and work in a bank! My mum always wanted me to choose a steady profession, but it wouldn’t have given me the same highs.

What’s your favourite book or movie?

I’m a big fan of classic films. I love The Godfather movies, Lawrence of Arabia and The Ipcress File.

Can you tell us something that not everybody knows about you?

When I was at Virgin Radio, a friend of a friend worked for a big Hollywood celebrity. Feeling sure he was going to be fired, he made copies of every phone number in his employer’s Filofax and offered to sell it to me for $300. I paid it, and I made my way through each number live on air. By the time I finished, I’d interviewed people like Bo Derek, Dudley Moore, Barbra Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor – all live on British radio. It was amazing how receptive they were, and quite surprisingly, they rarely ever asked how I’d gotten their number!

We thank Paul for taking the time to speak to us, and look forward to putting his voice to suitable brands in the future.

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