Marketing Maths: How To Create Winning Content

By 19th August 2021Blog

We spend enough time consuming content to know what good looks like. So, making it should be easy, right? Here’s OnBrand’s Tom Roberts to explain the marketing maths you need to have behind every piece of great content and how you can put it into practice today.

First, I’ll clarify that when I say “content” I mean everything. That includes blogs, videos, your social media posts and your on-site copy. Because everything starts with written words! Businesses want to create winning content, but I’m surprised so many miss the mark.

However, creating it can be boiled down to some simple marketing maths.


Brand Personality + Answering Customer Questions = Winning Content

That’s it. Blog done. Best of luck!

I’m kidding, of course. But it really is that simple. Too many businesses create some content because it’s something THEY want to do. Instead, they should be thinking about how it will help their customers.

Maybe it’s just me, but if your business has customers, they must come first. If more of your output is all about you, then what’s in it for your customers?


Find Your Brand Personality

This isn’t just about your branding (although it plays its part), it’s about finding the very fabric of your business so you can translate that into its voice.

Is it just you running the show? Then your own voice is the natural tone for your output. If you’re part of a bigger company, defining how you want the business to be perceived will dictate the personality & tone.

Once you decide how you want to sound, you’ve got your brand personality. This is what needs to come across in every bit of content you create from now on.


Answering Customer Needs

What’s the name of the biggest search engine on the planet? Google. Where do more people ask questions about products, services and life advice than anything else on the planet? Google. Therefore, you must answer the questions your customers are asking in places that can be found by Google.

If you can create useful things that help your customers achieve their goals – a FAQs page on your website, or engaging explainer videos on YouTube – you’ve fought half the battle. Then, getting that in front of your customers on social media is the battle won.


Create Winning Content

Combine those two elements of the Marketing Maths equation together, and you’ll be creating content that is not only useful to your customers, but also recognisably yours.

Standing out from the crowd is all about doing things differently, and what could be more different than your brand’s personality? That’s why injecting your brand’s personality into everything you create is the key to making winning content.

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