March Madness… Our awesome stuff

By 11th April 2019Blog
march madness

When it comes to being busy, this month has been as mad as a March Hare at OnBrand. And it’s fair to say, we’ve been in a great marketing wonderland – in fact, let’s take it even further and say, our activities here have had us and our clients grinning like Cheshire cats. Ok, that’s enough of the fairytale speak, let’s get real about what we we’re up to…

Here’s just some highlights for March

Competition crazy

March bought us a great range of competitions thanks to some great retailer liaisons – we think our marketing guy Sam deserves a big round of applause for that #justsaying. From Smyths Toys giving away vouchers, MOD Pizza offering free grub and some awesome Mother’s Day treats from Patisserie Valerie in the bag, we like to think of the six comps we launched, there was something for everyone.

Ready to mingle

The OnBrand stand at destination REveryone in the office had been gearing up for the Destination R event in Birmingham happening at the beginning of April. And if we must say, our stand looked pretty great. We loved talking to potential clients, listening to some great speakers, and well, just generally soaking up the great atmosphere and knowledge. And no, there wasn’t any silly dancing from anyone at the end of the awards night…

New website

If comps and exhibitions weren’t enough, we were also pretty busy on our own little project… Drum roll please… The arrival of our new website. Just like the time and care we take to build our clients’ websites, we did the same with ours. It’s been a labour of love full of research and forming a new tone of voice, but we’re pretty pleased with the outcome. Check it out for yourselves…

And one more…

flooringDid you know, we’re moving to St Albans? Yep, we love shopping centres so much, we decided to pitch up our brand new offices in the Maltings Shopping Centre – cool huh! And here’s a little sneak peek of how it’s going… We can’t wait to move in a couple of weeks’ time, although our social media manager will have to be very disciplined not to be out in the shops everyday.

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