Make your music memorable

By 29th March 2016Blog, In-Store
Make your choice of music memorable

Retail analysts are suggesting that there may be further casualties from our shopping centres and high streets in the next year


However, it’s not all doom and gloom as there is growth in certain sectors – The large department stores and supermarkets for instance are doing well (with less profits than before maybe, but generally still happily floating along without major concerns) The whispers from various sources are looking at the leisure and entertainment outlets – restaurants, cafes, books and music shops, to become the next victims of the recession as we choose to eat at home and increasingly buy music and books online from the likes of Amazon.

Retailers need to know what their customers really want, as we’ve all become rather savvy about our shopping demands. Businesses are now looking to other strategies to increase their customer loyalty and keep the customer coming through the doors and spending. The increasing use of social media channels is an easy & relatively low cost way to increase brand awareness and improve customer service for many retailers, but ultimately bricks and mortar brand awareness and brand image are vitally important to the modern retailer.

Create the right store image

The right store image is one of the best ways to build a unique brand identity and can differentiate between two otherwise similar shops. It’s not just about the cosmetic and visual details either. Retail environments have been using music for years to influence customer experience and judgement and is a powerful medium when it comes to providing the right atmosphere within a shop. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to get your message across to the customer while they are browsing.

Think about the correct choice of music

Providing something memorable to your customers is essential in keeping them loyal to your brand. They might not remember the decor, or the layout, or the trendy posters, but they’ll remember they were humming ‘that’ song whilst they were in your premises. Obviously it’s important to do your research about your customer base as there’s no point playing current trendy hits if your customers are generally all over 65. Equally if you’re a young and hip fashion retailer you don’t want dinner jazz playing in your shop … or maybe you do. We understand, as music consultants what music is the right music for your brand, through it’s all about what image you wish to portray. Whatever genre of music you choose … make it memorable for your customers.

Getting the experience for your customer right affects the perception that they have of your business, but building customer loyalty through music is an underestimated element of modern retail marketing. In terms of ‘being different’ to the competition – there is simply no way better than some good music.

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