IVR: Go visual for instant ROI

By 29th March 2016Blog, On The Phone
Visual IVR

OnBrand Audio have been designing and improving the pre-agent telephone experience for our clients for over 10 years and we are bringing a new mobile solution the market which provides greater opportunity for customer and operational benefits than telephone IVR alone.

Experience tells us that call abandonment is a common problem when customers interact with IVR systems. If your customers are having difficulty listening & navigating through multiple options, and repeating information, your company is at risk from losing vital business due to a poor customer experience.

However, using visual IVR which works alongside your traditional telephone IVR provides your customers with a guided menu interface which can be launched from any mobile device, tablet or PC. Customers are now demanding mobile customer service and visual IVR delivers that experience, while creating cost saving opportunities.

Since you have invested time and money in your IVR, it’s easy to implement visual IVR with your current technology without interrupting your current customer service systems.  Customers simply launch a mobile app or web page to access your visual IVR system. Instead of listening to what are sometimes lengthy call trees, your customers can scan their smart phone screens, and click the option that best suits them.

Visual IVR reuses your current IVR scripts to provide a visual menu driven interface of your IVR on smart phones and tablets. Whether your system runs on VXML scripts or proprietary code, a visual IVR solution works with most IVR formats to map your IVR technology onto mobile devices, complete with all its features.

Go visual for instant ROI

1. Customers solve their problems on their own – they can see and touch their way to what or who they need without having to listen to multiple options, repeat information, or speak to the operator.

2.  Reduced calls to the call centre – By enhancing self-service, your customers spend less to no time in the IVR, taking the load off your call centre while lowering your telephony and IVR costs.

3.  Shorter call times– when choosing to connect to the call centre, all information entered by the customer is visible to the agent so average handle time is significantly reduced.

4.  Lower call abandonment- IVR frustrations of navigating through multiple options and being forced to repeat information often cause the customer to simply- hang up.  This creates an immediate loss of revenue to the organization. Visual IVR decreases call abandonment significantly.

5. Boost your IVR investment – a Visual IVR solution will work seamlessly with your current IVR technology, so you preserve and reap your original IVR investment. This means that the time spent in developing an IVR script, is now utilised in two locations instead of one.

A visual IVR solution increases self-service to take the load off a call centre, minimize zeroing out due to better routing, and significantly lowers IVR and telephony costs as less time is spent in the IVR. Adopting a visual IVR solution will help an organisation provide customers with accurate real-time information and advanced self-service capabilities.

That’s true mobile customer service, & at no added costs to your original IVR investment.

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