Influencer Marketing: Are We No Longer Under The Influence?

By 29th September 2021Blog, Digital

Influencer marketing can be a beautiful thing. Researched and utilised correctly, you have paid for brand advocates who rave about your brand, furthering your reach and consideration, with a whole new audience. But in an overpopulated market, are influencers still trusted and more importantly believed? OnBrand’s Rachel Weinberger talks influencer marketing and whether it’s still a worthwhile part of your marketing strategy.


The Beginning Of Influencer Marketing

The role of an influencer is nothing new. Before celebrities and others in the public eye began endorsing products, queens and kings of the 17th and 18th centuries were the valued voices of their time.

Fast forward to the late 2000’s and the rise of social media, many were realising that with a blog or YouTube channel, you no longer needed to be a celebrity to gain a following and be influential. Drawn by authentic content and real, like-minded people who were more relatable than the unattainable celebrities that filled our screens, social media influencers were growing and in high demand.

If you’re looking to enhance your brand with influencer marketing, consider our top tips to ensure it’s the right strategy for you.


People Buy From People

With more resources, many head online to research their purchases and find out if it’s worth their time and money. Influencers create content that feeds the need of try before you buy, reviewing products and taking word-of-mouth marketing online.

Brands have realised the potential of collaborating with people their audience relate with and understand. It’s made brands appear more down-to-earth and likeable if endorsed by the right influencer. Influencers have bridged the gap and have made brands feel more honest and real. As we’ve said previously, people buy from people!

OnBrand top tip: Research who you want to work with to ensure they are the correct fit for your brand and who you want to target. Having a large following won’t ensure you’re reaching the right people or achieving your marketing goals.


(Don’t) Fake It Until You Make It

What was once deemed a novelty, is now an over saturated market and a much sought-after career path. A 2019 survey found that 17% of 11–16-year old’s want to become a social media influencer when they grow up.

It’s no surprise that with so many influencers emerging, what was once perceived as real content, can come across as quite the opposite.

Buying followers and going on holiday during the COVID-19 pandemic are just a few of the media storms that have hit influencers. This has had a huge impact on these once seemingly authentic content creators and the brands they promote. New laws mean all paid advertising must be marked with ‘AD’ – consumers are savvier than ever to paid advertising.

OnBrand top tip: Ensure anyone representing or promoting your brand aligns with your core values. Remember, influencers are the face of your brand. It needs to feel authentic, or consumers will feel mislead.


Create Clear Goals & Expectations

Like any strategy, it will only work if you are clear on what you want and how you want it to work. Influencer marketing can be costly, especially if you’re looking to work with an influencer with a large following. Consider your needs and what your main objectives are. Work out an agreement that suits both parties and is in line with each parties’ expectations.

OnBrand top tip: Consider nano or micro-influencers to target more niche audiences and for more authentic content.

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