Holidays Are Coming …

By 1st December 2016Blog, Digital, In-Store
Holidays Are Coming

Christmas is now just around the corner, so no doubt you have started shopping for those festive gifts, but what actually marks the start of the Christmas season?

For many clients that we work with, the festive season starts around the Christmas light switch on. A defining day in the launch of the Christmas season.

In marketing however, music has always played an important role in providing the mood of the brand, be it retail or otherwise. In the last few weeks a couple of people have said to us that the Coca Cola advert ‘Holidays are Coming’ marks the start of Christmas for them.

This well known Coca Cola advert serves as a great example of the power of sound and its link to memory and emotion.

Whether you love or hate Christmas songs there will be no chance of escaping the likes of Slade, Bing Crosby or Mariah Careys ‘All I want for Christmas’ whilst you are out buying gifts for all the family and struggling with your bags.

According to research from the music licensing organisations shoppers are much more likely to splash out on special gifts when they hear their favourite Christmas songs. Big retailers such as Coca Cola & in recent years, John Lewis have earned a reputation for creating memorable Christmas adverts and marketing campaigns designed to tug at the heart, and purse strings.

John Lewis snowman advert

In a survey of over 2000 consumers, the John Lewis ‘Snowman Journey’ advert was the favourite Christmas retail advert (from 2012) with its memorable version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood classic ‘The Power of Love’, sung by Gabrielle Aplin.

Christmas design and decoration has become part of the overall festive picture, but music has become equally important as a marketing tool for business owners. So, when all the chocolates are eaten and the decorations are back in the loft, don’t just turn off the music and forget about it until next year. Keep thinking about suitable music that your customers will associate with your brand and keep them engaged and loyal to your business. Just in the same way as the memory and emotion of festive music is associated with Christmas.

So what sounds mark the start of Christmas for you?

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