Feb’s fab five

By 7th March 2019Blog
Feb's Fab Five

With balmy weather and last month’s activity, we felt it was summer, not the end of Feb! And like the busy bees that are ready to start flying, we were busy buzzing around in Feb. It was a month of planning events for key dates, new and existing client visits and of course making sure we upheld corporate responsibility where we could. We’ve done so much, it’s been hard to narrow down our top five Feb moments but, we managed.

Here they are…

1. Making sweet music for Valentine’s Day

luca faraone

We like to think we can tune into what makes customers tick. So, when we were approached by Ashford Designer Centre to pull on the heart strings of their customers, we thought out of the box. We provided them with a cool musician who had worked with big names in the industry. The result? Happy diners and visitors to the centre on Valentines… want to read more? It’s all right here…

2. Painting the town…purple

purple tuesday

Ok so not quite, but we are proud to announce that we’ve just been given the opportunity to shout about the fact that we are supporting the Purple Initiative. This scheme aims to help disabled people have exactly the same experiences as those who are able bodied whether it’s going shopping or for a meal out. As an agency who is all about the customer journey, we will use our knowledge in the retail and online space to help make this a reality. Find out more here.

3. R Kelly doesn’t fly and Michael Jackson is ‘Bad’

audio cassette tape

We always make sure our clients’ music and branding are as great as can be. And, at OnBrand we also believe in the right thing to do and take it upon ourselves to have a strong moral code in both our teams and our work. Over the past few weeks there have been certain allegations against some well-known artists. In line with our promise to uphold corporate social responsibility, and to ensure customers continued to shop without the risk of feeling offended, we removed R Kelly from centre playlists given the recent allegations. In light of a recent documentary we also took the same step with Michael Jackson.

4. Chiming in the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a big deal. So, when the Lower Precinct in Coventry asked us to help them create a buzz around their new year events, we couldn’t have been happier. We decided to do this by profiling and playing a bespoke music playlist of Chinese themed world music, that was both inviting and evoked a calming atmosphere for shoppers. And the result was, well, music to everyone’s ears. Find out more about what the clients had to say here.

5. Chugging away with recordings

Recording studio

This month our producing team hit the studio to create some cool voice messaging for a large train network. The results? Well they were great, but you’ll have to wait and listen out for them when this large fleet of high-tech trains are on the rails… the timetable says that this will be very soon. Find out more about our audio services here.

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