Do you deliver your brand promise when you say offers?

By 15th April 2016Blog, Digital
Do you deliver your brand promise when you say offers?

At OnBrand we’ve come to recognise that getting offers to your shoppers can create something of a gap in your shoppers’ experience.

Today’s shoppers don’t distinguish between online, instore or mobile experiences. Instead, they expect to connect with you on each platform and demand a consistent experience.

Recent research suggests that this gap is leaving a third of customers disappointed. Likewise a recent study by Accenture reported that half of the respondents said they would like to receive real-time promotions on their phones while they’re in store, but less than a third are able to receive that service.

We recognise that centres have always owned the bricks, but somehow owning the clicks has not always been so easy.

Everything else in the mall is designed to support retailers and make the experience conducive to spending time and money – so why does online fall so short?

We know that shoppers want three things from your online channels:

  1. Trading hours
  2. Store Info
  3. Offers (deals, promotions and inspirations)

Our studies show that most mall websites only manage to deliver an average of four offers. Hardly compelling enough for consistent site visits!

If you’re a centre manager, take a moment to ask yourself the following:

  • Does your website Offers page satisfy your shoppers?
  • Do you know how many people engage each Offer?
  • Can you send offers online, on screen, in newsletter and via social media with little to no effort?
  • Can you access reporting data with a single click?

At OnBrand we’ve solved the problem, and can provide your centre with:

  • A constant feed of 20+ offers always available on your website and Facebook feeds
  • A tool to help you get offers to web and social channels in 1 action, saving time and resource
  • Offers that reflect local and national offers
  • A free tool for store managers and tenant liaison staff alike that connects real and actual live offers
  • Regularly refreshed content that brings shoppers back to your digital channels and mall time and time again
  • Greater shopper engagement and your centre seen as an inspirational online destination

The result is that shoppers will place you at the heart of the digital retail experience, and all with no effort from you. Isn’t this what your shoppers deserve? Plus, you can enjoy a trial month for free, allowing us prove the results to you.

Contact us, and get your FREE TRIAL of Offers.

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