Do they know it’s Christmas?

By 7th November 2016Blog, On The Phone
Do they know it’s Christmas?

By now,  the meetings are over, agents have been notified and you’ve worked out how you’re going to handle the Christmas rush. But have you told the customer? What expectations do they have, or will they only find out when they hear the dreaded ‘due to high call volumes….”  Let them know in advance and get your seasonal messaging organised with OnBrand.

We know Christmas is a great time for generating more business, but tempers can be easily frayed as your resources are tested to their limits. This can be avoided by keeping your customers’ wants and needs in mind and one way to ensure you go into the New Year with your reputation intact is to create a series of personalised Christmas and New Year messages.

Three steps to a better Christmas

1. Trading Hours
If a change in trading hours causes your customers any inconvenience, you might find yourself constantly on the back foot. This means you won’t have a Merry Christmas, or a Happy New Year. Instead, make your updated hours the first thing people hear when they call, and get them excited about extended hours where applicable. This will put your callers in a good frame of mind from the offset.

2. Contingency planning
Do you historically need to close near Christmas due to bad weather conditions? You can use this knowledge to your advantage by simply recording an automated message that tells your callers just that. Then, should the worst happen again, you’ll be fully prepared for it.

3. Wish Your Callers Well 
You can not only protect your brand’s reputation, but actually enhance it, by wishing your customers well. At no part of the year is it easier to earn some extra brownie points with your customers. By covering yourself with up-to-date messages for the Christmas and New Year period, you’ll be able to hit the ground running in 2017. And what could give you a better reason to celebrate than that?

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