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By 30th November 2020Blog, Digital

CRM systems are amazing! When used correctly they build stronger connections with your customers and ultimately better relationships. 

Maybe you’ve been building your CRM system for a while, or you’ve previously used database and sent out some emails with limited success. 

We know that email marketing can be massively successful. However, the first thing to think about is the entire purpose of your marketing campaigns. Too often we receive emails, mostly automated, from companies we have agreed to hear from but often don’t know why!  

Alongside other marketing routes, email marketing can start to shift those warm leads into hot prospects and retain existing clients to ensure you can increase loyalty. 

So let’s start with some basics…

Nurture email campaigns. Sound a little strange? 

Essentially, a nurture email strategy is about building long term relationships with potential and existing clients whilst not selling your products or services directly.  

You ask yourself, ‘why don’t I try and sell my business or service to a database that want to hear from me?’

The job of a long term nurture email campaign is to help raise brand awareness by providing useful and relevant information to leads that aren’t yet ready to make a purchase and to maintain a relationship with existing customers to ensure your business remain top of mind. 

We want to create that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when someone remembers our birthday. 

Reputation is king and never more than now, during this time in our strange, economic climate.  

The aim is to create a positive connection between the customer and your brand and to consider customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. 

So, let’s a minute to talk about the top 5 Golden rules of email marketing that you need to consider when developing a campaign 

Rule number 1: Ensure all emails are personalised  

There is nothing worse than getting an email addressed to:   

Dear <insert name here>  OR  worse – your name is spelt incorrectly 

Rule number 2: Be targeted and relevant to each sector 

There you are, going through the morning email and you open one ( addressed correctly so you know its for you!), but find out that the content, at best, is totally unrelated to you. At worst it could be inappropriate and even offensive. 

Rule number 3 : Content, content, content!! 

Following on behind the heels of relevance is content engagement – the ultimate goal is for the email to be open and read but it has to be targeted and tailored. 

The more interesting, relevant and diverse the content, the more likely your chosen group will engage with your business.  

Rule number 4: Be realistic 

Email marketing on its own is very unlikely to fundamentally transform your business. Be realistic with what messages you are going to send and how often. Think about what you want to achieve from this, how you will follow up on open rates and what the message strategy is moving forward 

Rule number 5: We learn from our mistakes 

In line with rule 4, look to create a multiple message campaign strategy and test a variety of creative solutions and message hierarchies for example 

– Subject Line
– From Line
– Body Copy
– Day of Week Delivered
– Hour of Day Delivered 

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s our top 10 things to think about and tick off your ‘to-do’ list:

  • survey or poll 
  • Recent studies relating to their business 
  • Updates on your blogs and guest blogs 
  • Updates on new products or developments 
  • Give always 
  • Loyalty schemes and refer a friend 
  • Favourable articles about your business
  • News from the top 
  • Behind the scenes look at the company 
  • Information about any loyalty schemes 
  • Upcoming webinars 
  • Quarterly newsletter 

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