Amazon know their customers. Do you?

By 23rd April 2018Blog, In-Store

There’s a reason that Amazon are doing so well: they know their customers. And although it’s easy to say they let algorithms to their work, the fact is, they know what to do with data when they collect it.

So ask yourself, with more opportunities available to collect shopper data in the mall, are you doing more than relying on footfall counters and bi-annual demographic surveys? If not then the information your collected could be pretty wide of the mark.

The better you know your customers though, the most cost-effective your marketing efforts will become. For instance, do you know how your shoppers like to be rewarded? If not, how can you expect to excite them?

Maybe you’ve collected mounds of shopper data, but with no time or knowledge to do anything with it?

If this is you, we can help you understand the data and use it to inform you of the best strategy to reach your customers in the future.

By managing data correctly, you build much stronger relationships with your customers

How do we do this?

We ask questions like: are your channels joined up to maximise every touchpoint? If they are, it helps build customer profiles.

Customer A

Parks every week, uses centre WiFi, visits the website, signs in to get grotto access at Xmas.

Customer B

Came in just once in the last 2-months, so must be shopping elsewhere. But what tempted them in? Where did they go? What did they buy?

Do the above customers get the newsletter? Is it the same newsletter sent at the same time, or is the approach different? Does Customer A get rewarded? Does Customer B get told you miss them?

Our belief is that your focus should be on messaging rather than footfall, and by managing data correctly, you build much stronger relationships with your customers, and the understanding of their behaviour can help create more loyalty, increasing dwell time and spend.

If this sounds exciting but is a little over your head, simply e-mail [email protected] or give us a call on 03333 220 022.

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