A little something to keep the kids busy during lockdown…

By 16th April 2020Blog

We’re officially into week 4 of lockdown.  How are you hanging on in there?

There’s no denying that life has taken a different course for us all over the past few weeks and it’s been incredibly humbling to see such bravery amongst NHS and key workers.  As an agency, we’ve been thinking about the little ways we can help to give back to show our gratitude for all those who have been doing their bit to keep this country safe.  We’ve also been thinking about all the children who are stuck at home in lockdown, unable to see their friends…and of course their parents who are having to juggle childcare, home-schooling and work, whilst keeping their sanity at the same time!!…

That’s why, we’ve put together these fun little colouring activities for parents to download to help keep their kids busy…we’re really rather pleased with these, as not only will they keep little ones out of mischief for a while, but once they’re completed, and displayed at your window, they will prove to be a fantastic colourful way to thank all those people working so hard to look after us all!

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