4 Things Innocent Do AMAZINGLY On Instagram (& So Can You)

By 12th August 2021Blog

Innocent know that Instagram can increase sales and generate loyal brand advocates who enjoy engaging with their content. OnBrand’s Rachel Weinberger tells us why she thinks Innocent keeps nailing Instagram and explains how you can do the same.

Innocent are best known for their healthy drinks and brilliant social media strategy. Cutting through the noise and creating your own, distinct space in a very populated market is no easy feat – but Innocent’s distinct tone of voice and hilarious content has helped them grow a legion of brand advocates who love to engage with them.

It’s the kind of magic you wish you could bottle – that’s why I’m picking their social media best practice apart, so you can have a go at using these tried and tested tactics.


Start Conversations That Interest Your Audience

Innocent’s content often uses trending topics, most recently the Euros and Pancake Day. Innocent uses these trends to their advantage by tapping into the minds of their consumers and creating reactive content that’s engaging and relevant. Understanding your audience and creating content that resonates with them – but still fits your brand values – is key.

Innocent may not be the first brand that springs to mind when thinking of the Euros or Pancake Day, but their witty and dry content makes them hard to ignore and forget. What do smoothies have to do with the Euros or Pancake Day? Nothing. But Innocent being at the centre of these conversations simply means more exposure for their brand.


Put Your Team In The Spotlight

Innocent regularly introduces their team on their social media channels through the creation of unique stories or work accolades. Innocent’s workplace culture is unique and the way they put it front and centre on social media gives their followers a fun peek into the goings on at Fruit Towers. Being able to lean into their work culture so effectively really helps them stand out among drinks brands.


Create Shareable Content Your Audience Will Love

Innocent creates humorous, colourful assets to go with their copy, which grab attention in the feed and always look distinctly ‘Innocent’ – even when they do out-of-brand things like changing fonts, packaging or even advertising fake products that Innocent would never produce. In their mind, it’s all great brand exposure.

They’re also well versed in using Instagram’s ‘Highlights’ and ‘Story’ functions. Highlights are often the first impression users will get of a person or brand’s page – they can really bring your brand to life and (pro tip) let you utilise story content for more than 24 hours. Innocent’s stories are all about creating shareable content which they know their followers will interact with and reshare. The content is suitable for all ages and, again, reiterates the fun-loving playful nature of the brand.


Use Your Brand’s Influence For Good

Innocent are so good at using their influence to raise awareness of lesser-known days of interest, such as Pride Disability Month. This is a great way to use their following for good, but also to highlight their brand values. By celebrating these occasions they’re able to do more than tap in to what’s trending – they’re able to showcase another way they do things differently and promote wide-ranging inclusivity. This attitude ties perfectly into them being legally registered as a B Corporation – another feather in their cap that boosts brand credibility and trust.

So there you go, four key ways Innocent Smoothies smash it on Instagram. Check out their Instagram profile to see more.

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