3 Bits Of Post-Pandemic Marketing Advice To IGNORE

By 17th September 2021Blog, Digital
3 bits of marketing advice to ignore

The pandemic has changed marketing forever, but it’s more about slight shifts rather than wholesale change. Here’s OnBrand’s Tom Roberts with the top 3 bits of post-pandemic marketing advice to ignore right now.


EVERYTHING Is Digital Forever – Ignore

Really? Everything? This simply is not true and a top contender for post-pandemic marketing advice to ignore. It’s also the most vacuous piece of marketing advice out there. It’s very true that during lockdown the dominant places of interaction between brands and consumers was online, but real-life is coming back.

I spent a great proportion of last year working from home and interacting with colleagues on Zoom, but since joining OnBrand I’ve been in the office every day interacting with my colleagues and our customers.

Actually what has happened is, because digital interaction was one of the only ways we could interact, using digital services to interact has been normalised. People feel more comfortable in the digital landscape, and they don’t mind brands interrupting their social media journeys with comms.

This means that it’s wise to get your digital comms and shopfront sorted out, but don’t neglect real-life interactions – as the world opens up further, I’d hazard a guess that digital interactions may revert to pre-pandemic numbers through 2022.


Find New Customers, Don’t Worry About The Old Ones – Definitely Ignore

Again, what on Earth does this mean? Neglect the people who trust, love and buy from you already in favour of courting strangers? You could do that, but the pandemic has given you the best opportunity to communicate with and nurture your customers in a way you’ve never had – you literally had a captive audience (which isn’t meant to be a joke).

To come out of the pandemic with a bold new business strategy is right, but you need a customer journey pipeline for your current customers. Your CRM system could be feeding current and past customers with new offers, or free bits of interesting content that make them feel valued.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you the post-pandemic focus of your business should solely be on new business. For us, we’re taking the opportunity to engage with our clients to help them work out how best to communicate with customers old and new.

Besides, we all know the best type of business is repeat business – so, foster repeat business at the same time as prospecting for new business.


Ramp Up Your Digital Ad Spend Over Everything Else – Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

Sure thing. Smashing advice, I don’t think. The brands that lose trust first are the ones who ramp up their digital ad spend and neglect having conversations with their customers in the digital sphere. Digital ads work, but they work best as part of an integrated marketing campaign – they’re the bit that extends your reach to new audiences.

Treat digital ads as the silver bullet and you’ll quickly fall foul. Instead, invest in search engine optimisation of your site, build up your site’s evergreen content stash, refine your web copy, plan your social campaigns, start conversations – the pay off on any one of the above activities is absolutely on par with a successful paid ad campaign.

So, put more money behind your ad spend, if they’re working and not costing you too much to bring in new leads. But if you’re ramping up spend because that’s what people are saying you SHOULD do without providing alternatives or advising an integrated approach, it will be money wasted.

And in the post-pandemic world, customers will be making every penny count. Make sure you do too.

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