10 Reasons why Centre Radio is CRUCIAL for Shopping Centres during the Pandemic

By 20th January 2021Blog

It’s fair to say, over the past year, we’ve produced a whole host of messages for over 200 of our Centre Radio clients, which we could never have imagined recording during the blissful ‘pre-pandemic’ era.

Feedback from Shopping Centre Management teams who have been sharing Covid-Comms over the airwaves has been consistent though; Centre Radio has been key to communicating with customers during such unprecedented times.

Why? We’ve summarised all feedback into a handy little summary.  Look no further than  our Top 10 Reasons Why Centre Radio is an a real ‘must-have’ for any Shopping Centre during Covid Times…  ~

1) Increase Compliance: A short friendly recording which reminds people to wear their masks increases compliance.

2) Happy NEW Tier! Let’s face it, we’re likely to be in and out of different tiers for the foreseeable future. Tier notices reinforce and remind customers of behaviour, restrictions and choices.

3) You’ve got this! Playing COVID messages make you relevant, appear thoughtful and on top your game.

4) Protect your Staff: Messages for 1 way systems increase compliance, reducing employee engagement and putting staff at risk.

5) Reassure Your Customers: Cleaning messages reassure shoppers your environment is safe.

6) Helping Customers to Shop Safely: COVID messaging helps your shoppers shop more efficiently and safely.

7) Understand the Needs of your Customers: Promotion of your website and click and collect services provides shoppers with other choices; showing that you have put thought into other ways to engage and shop with you.

8) Reinforce Government Messaging: Summarising the key messaging from Public Health Agencies shows your customers that you are committed to following government protocol.

9) Keep the music volume down: Whilst ambience is still an important way to help customers feel at ease whilst shopping with you, we’ve had feedback from some Centre Managers to say that turning the volume down on music has led to a calmer environment for those wanting to focus on shopping for their essentials.

10) Help Stop the Spread – Simple reminders asking customers to wash their hands and use sanitiser helps reinforce behaviour, protecting both your customers and staff.

Well there you have it, 10 very good reasons why Centre Radio is crucial right now. Ready to get yours switched on, or needing to update your current package? Get in touch with our super friendly audio team who will get you up and running in no time: [email protected]

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