The pitch, tone, volume and general quality of your audio (music and messaging) all
contribute to how your customer percieves it. If it’s too dull, nobody will listen.
But be too invasive and your customers will respond defensively. Creating
good, professional audio is a delicate skill that not everybody can master.
Luckily though, you don’t have to!

How does it work?

Audiobooks meeting


to discuss your book’s contents, word count, timelines and voiceover talent

audiobooks live reading


where our dedicated team member will work with you and the voice artist to achieve the results you’re after

editing and delivery


where we’ll put all the finishing touches to your story, presenting you with the master files in the format you require it

We provide you

Dedicated staff

Who will work on your project from start to finish


To ensure a crisp, professional recording of your book


In whatever format you need with no additional costs

Key features

• Experienced sound engineers, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your work

• Flexible hours, including late night service so we can work around your schedule

• Database of voiceover artists, should you need help sourcing your reader

• Located near tube for easy access

• Access to meeting rooms, hotdesks and breakout areas

• Kitchen area with complimentary teas, coffees and juices

• Music profiling, licensing and integration where needed

• Free WiFi



As a company, we’ve always been as realistic as we are transparent. We aren’t based in central London, and that’s why our rates are much lower than commercial companies in Soho. Also, as this is a new sector to us, we don’t have a huge list of audiobooks under our belt . . . yet.

However, our aim is to nurture relationships with authors and publishers so we can work together many times in the future. We have over 15 years’ experience recording audio, and we’re so excited about our
new audiobook department that we’re offering the great rate of £100 per hour.

All we need to do is agree a schedule, which can be worked out based on the word count of your book, and then we’re away!

Case study

Independent publishing company Pen Works Media were looking for somewhere to record their
first audiobook – a Young Adult / Adventure / Fantasy novel, titled Dragon Speaker. As it was their first attempt and the word count was so vast (108,000 words), they were looking for somewhere to record that offered:

  • An all-in fee, with no nasty extras
  • Professional sounding audio
  • A late night service
  • Technical guidance
  • Music integration

“OnBrand were incredibly understanding and went above and beyond to help us with our audiobook. If recording wasn’t affordable, the project wouldn’t have happened, so I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

Jody Medland

“The most important thing for a voiceover artist is to feel like you’re in good hands. OnBrand were very accommodating and supportive, even when I had a funny five minutes.”

Elana A. Mugdan, Author and Actress

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