The Feel Good Factor

Change the way your customers feel, just by the sounds you use in your business. We’ll improve your customers’ journey, making their experience easier, reducing areas of frustration while also saving you money.

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green cassette tape
green cassette tape
record player

Setting The Tone

What does your brand sound like? We can help you create instant brand recognition through sound, or choose the right voice or accent to appeal to your primary target audience. We can even change purchasing behaviour with our tone of voice recommendations.

record player

In-Store Radio & Messaging

Get ready for the science bit… Music is proven to increase dwell time and create a positive atmosphere. By installing our easily programmable playout technology, we can help bring your destination to life. Plus our automated messaging service keeps your customers informed, allowing you to mix customer information with marketing and events.

setting an audio playlist
setting an audio playlist

PA System Installations

Successful communication is key to customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to install a new PA system, or replace outdated equipment, please do get in touch. We’ll provide the complete system, speakers and organise installation at a time that means minimum disruption to your business.


Telephony & IVR

Our extensive work with big brands and their contact centres has vastly improved customer opinion, reduced call-related stress and improved agent efficiency. We’ll deep dive into your metrics, write new scripts and often reshape your entire caller journey. Once we’ve removed your major choke points, your agents can enjoy dealing with happier, better served customers.

man making a phone call
man making a phone call

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Scripting, Translation & Localisation

Know what you want to say, but struggling to say it? Let us craft your words into that something that rolls off the tongue. Need it in 30 languages and localised for each territory? No problemo.

audio scripting

Tracking Success

To ensure return on your investment in our audio services, we measure everything and deliver real results. If we improve it, we’ll have a method for tracking it.

growth chart
growth chart

Customer Experience Audit

You’ll be provided with a comprehensive written report on how strongly you score across key disciplines of your messaging. Within the report, we’ll highlight the ways we can help, and any additional services you might require from us will be clearly outlined, either as professional service days or as a cost per recorded message.

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