Our offers product shows your retailers’ best deals and promotions in a way
that’s crafted to increase shopper engagement and save you
money, minutes and manpower.

Offers provides you

Offers - Content


Pick and choose from our suggested feed
or post your own

Offers - Technology


Platform that allows you to schedule and
post to multiple channels in one action

Offers - Data


Analytics to monitor reach and
performance at the click of a button

Key features

• Wide range of digital content, enriching online experience

• Drive in-store purchases and deliver-to-store orders

• Post to multiple channels with social media plugins

• Capture and submit local offers in real time by mobile

• Reduce time spent choosing content with auto-post

• Promote what you like, when you like

offers - key features

How does it work?

Every day our content writers hunt down the freshest offers, turning them into engaging copy and matching them with clear, bright images, bringing offers to life for your customers.

If you already create your own content…

That’s no problem at all. We aren’t looking to compete with you. Instead, we’d like to be an enabler by helping ensure your content reaches its intended audience.

Where can I use offers?

Offers - Web


Offers - Facebook


Offers - Twitter


Offers - Mobile


Offers - Mall TV

Mall TV

Offers - Newsletter


Offers - Email


Offers - Radio


Data management dashboard

Never before has there been an opportunity to understand how your retailer offers are received and viewed – until now that is!

Our Offers platform pulls in your website and social data, enabling you to see what Offers are the most viewed, liked, clicked and shared.

Offers displayed on an ipad

Offers also saves you

Offers - Money


low cost solution with high impact

Offers - Minutes


save timely task of sourcing and posting content to multiple platforms

Offers - Manpower


frees up resource and allows automation

What’s included


  • Upload my own content
  • Receive suggested content daily
  • Submit content by mobile


  • Client Area
  • Mutliple client logins
  • Auto or Manual Post settings
  • Add / remove retailers
  • Manage social media connections
  • Schedule content
  • Edit / Delete content
  • Send content to multiple platforms


  • Custom reports
  • Reports by date
  • Reports by channel
  • Reports by retailer

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