Using our experience in IVR to achieve a rosy outcome


A major UK flower delivery company introduced a self-serve method on their telephony system that was losing the business money on an ongoing basis.

As a rule, integrating new technology into a company’s telephony system is a positive move that should be heralded. However, there is a science to people’s behaviour and unless your telephony journey is created with that in mind, there’s always a danger that callers won’t embrace it.

The problem with our client’s self-serve order tracking solution was that the uptake of callers was too low to generate a return on investment, so not only was it costing money to operate, but it was adding very little value to the customer journey.


We used the vast experience available to us to understand the brand and create a new tone of voice. In doing this, we were able to align the sound of their existing national TV ads with more natural wording. We structured the IVR in such a way that the effort needed to use the order tracking service was greatly reduced.

This made a significant impact and within the first month, self-serve order tracking had risen from 42% to over 70%. This increased customer satisfaction greatly and reduced the overall call volumes reaching agents, allowing them to generate cost savings – precisely what you want from your IVR.

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Using our experience in IVR to achieve a rosy outcome

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